Beauty of Impernanence


The Mediterranean on one of my dawn consciousness walks.

 Last week the reality of our impermanence was very much on my mind.  How to cope with all the pain and suffering that is involved with losing those we love?  And as I contemplated this question while walking and meditating on the magnificence of the Being that has created this universe and asking it to illuminate my mind it came to me that I needed to view life as I do the sunrise.  I appreciate its fleeting beauty and acknowledge it for what it is knowing that I cannot hold on to it but that it brings me tremendous joy and inspiration as does the love that is present through these relationships.  Looking for what is real I realize that the beauty is real…… the love is real……all the rest goes.  I saw the extreme beauty in impermanence.

In loving awareness,



5 thoughts on “Beauty of Impernanence

  1. Yes the Love is Eternal and all that we Love Unconditionally is forever in our hearts. Thank you for the beautiful sunrise and thank you for liking my post.

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