Welcome to my new blog!


Welcome to my new blog.…Loving Awareness!

It has finally happened. Love has worked it’s magic on me. Love has destroyed the me that I thought I was and how wonderful it is. Love made a shipwreck of my life, showed me my confusion, took every distraction away, then waited patiently till I had nowhere else to turn then whispered softly, “Look inside. Here I am. I’ve been waiting for you.” Love has given me everything and taken every thing away. I just wish it had destroyed me sooner but everything is as it is and cannot be any different.

So I am here to encourage you to make learning to Love your ultimate goal and aim in this life and watch it become your Guru, but be warned love will destroy you, over and over and over if you are earnestly and devotedly seeking it. It will destroy every concept, thought, idea, belief until you are totally and completely free and you will find you have entered that state of natural happiness that comes from conscious being. It will show you you are not who you thought you were. It will show you that you are Love itself, Life itself, Awareness itself.

So if your life is a total mess, and nothing is working……… good. If you realize you are completely miserable and anxious most, if not all of the time….. even better. If you are completely confused and don’t know where to turn for help ….. perfect. You don’t know how lucky you are. This is the greatest thing that ever happened to you because finally, yes finally, you are ready. You are ready to give up looking outside of yourself for happiness, peace and contentment. You are ready to fall in love with Awareness and become an Awareness addict. You are ready to be with yourself, to love yourself, to be interested in yourself beyond all experience. But make no mistake, to find out who you really are is not an easy task. It is simple but not easy. All you have to do is observe yourself. Watch your thoughts, watch your feelings, watch how you are alone and when you are with others. Watch your moods, watch your responses and reactions…are they spontaneous or based on the past? Now the key is just watch….no comment, no judgment. Watch as if you are watching a movie. Just keep watching…..never, never judging. Watch without identifying with what you are seeing. Only identify with the one who is watching. And always remember to watch with loving kindness.

I would love to hear from you.

With loving Awareness,



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