Finding Real Happiness

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                                 Where I can be alone with YOU                              Contemplating YOUR magnificence

I am becoming more and more conscious that my real happiness resides being connected to the eternal, infinite plane of being which is within each of us.  That is the place where I am whole and complete and the more I am in touch with this truth the more I want that happiness.  And to get that happiness I am finding the need to lead a more contemplative, meditative, creative existence as getting to “Know Thyself” is no easy task…….the distractions are infinite and oh so alluring but will NOT bring real happiness.

Photos taken while in Tobago 2013

Love is the Real Gift

snowy tree

Imagine all the millions of people around the world, both Christians and others, who have festively decorated their homes, prepared delicious food, bought gifts to give to their loved ones, friends, and those who have shown their goodness and kindness to them throughout the year… other words who have entered into the joy of giving and gratitude which is Love – the real spirit and meaning of  Christmas.  It is love that makes our hearts merry and joyous not material objects and that love is inside of us but instead we think we need things, people, relationships, money, status etc. to make us happy when in reality we are whole and complete.  That’s how lost we are.  So even if you are alone, depressed and sad it is all an opportunity to use this suffering to end suffering.  Very soon you will find you are grateful for any suffering as you realize it is the key to higher consciousness and that will bring you out of that very suffering.  This would make your Christmas the most meaningful time as you would remember it as a happy event.  You would start to understand where your happiness lies…..within you….because the only real happiness comes from conscious being.

So a simple request from me…with the understanding that nothing outside of yourself can make you happy and in spirit we are all one being….please, as a gift to me…..contemplate the reality of all that love and all that beauty that is being shared around the planet at this special time and see what happens within you.  If you did that one thing, it certainly would be a gift to not only me but to everyone on the planet.


In Loving Awareness,


Seek the Nectar

small bee

Be like the bee.

Seek the real nectar of life.

But unlike the bee that has to go from flower to flower,

The real nectar is within us.


Beauty of Impernanence


The Mediterranean on one of my dawn consciousness walks.

 Last week the reality of our impermanence was very much on my mind.  How to cope with all the pain and suffering that is involved with losing those we love?  And as I contemplated this question while walking and meditating on the magnificence of the Being that has created this universe and asking it to illuminate my mind it came to me that I needed to view life as I do the sunrise.  I appreciate its fleeting beauty and acknowledge it for what it is knowing that I cannot hold on to it but that it brings me tremendous joy and inspiration as does the love that is present through these relationships.  Looking for what is real I realize that the beauty is real…… the love is real……all the rest goes.  I saw the extreme beauty in impermanence.

In loving awareness,