Giving Thanks

sunrise 2

Sunrise …..Another opportunity to bathe in the harmony and peace that beauty brings.


This has been a time of retreat, reflection and contemplation in order to assimilate what I have been experiencing.  This was much needed to transform my state of consciousness to live more in the eternal.

So here I am once again  …… wanting to share this journey because Love just wants to share.

It is Thanksgiving Day in America and even though I do not live there any more I woke up this morning with the desire to share my morning meditational prayer:

Thank YOU, my Divine Beloved, for all the love I have ever received, for all the love I am receiving, for all the love I am able to give, for all the people still in my life that are there to be the recipients of that love and for the suffering that has allowed me to understand that only Love is real ……. and to realize that this Love is a gift from YOU that we have all been given and is the gift of life.

Thank YOU.

P.S.  To everyone…..About 6 months ago I was inspired to express my love for the beauty that is the light and colour show of this creation that we all share so I started painting.  There is something special about the hours of sunrise and sunset and try to organize my day so that I am outside at these times.  It is here that I get my greatest inspiration.  After I started painting it transpired that they were symbols for contemplation and reflection.  They can be viewed on my new site….

Here is one of them and I sincerely hope they help you as much as they are helping me in my search for higher consciousness.

Another Perspective

‘Another Perspective’……. Looking at life through the Ahenso which means circle and is the Zen symbol for the wholeness and completeness of God.

In Loving Awareness,


The true basis of Love is Awareness





Sunset on the Med….Sept 2013

Recently a seeker came to me and asked me about love.  They had been in a relationship for over ten years and had begun questioning how they really felt. First of all it has to be made clear what is meant by the term love because that word has become so cheapened from overuse and conditioning that it has lost it’s true meaning. We say we love that person…that colour…that flower…that taste …that movie etc, etc. until the word has come to mean absolutely nothing .The other thing is we have to actually get to the stage of ‘I don’t know‘ to start to look into ourselves and question deeply what it is to love.  But even to get to that ‘I don’t know’ stage is a huge leap in understanding of ourselves because we have to not believe anything we are told which means we can no longer live on the surface…we have to dig deep… become a seeker of the truth and love.  

So the first thing we have to do is become intimate with our inner realm to become aware what is going on inside of us to seek what is real.
Now what does that really mean? It means you have to be conscious of all the elements within oneself and how they correspond with another person. The first element in loving someone is attraction and that attraction needs to be mutual. In other words it is no good if someone is attracted to you and you like them but are not really feeling a magnetism towards them. So there needs to be a mutual initial magnetism. Then one needs to have awareness of what is constituting this magnetism…is it purely physical or is it more than that …to be aware of what traits are attracting you….is it kindness, gentleness, strength, vulnerability and so on. So you need to be able to listen with the mind and the heart to be able to discern these things. After that there is the third stage which comes from openness, honesty and integrity in communication which results in deep caring and compassion. When all these things are in place you come to find that state where love is present and is the foundation of not only your relationships but of all of your life. 
So really it is all about awareness…self-awareness…..awareness of what ones own needs and values are … being connected to your inner state of being and then to communicate all those inner levels…which correspond to our 7 chakras, which are….security, sexuality/creativity, sense of self, heart, communication, vision and Higher Self which is Divine Love. Awareness of all these are needed to build a solid foundation in which love can grow and deepen.  

Don’t be without love …. don’t believe you are living just because you are breathing …. without love we are dead …. walking empty corpses.  Come alive … turn within … seek love…real Love…for it is all that is Real.

With loving awareness,


Becoming one again with the ocean of creation.


All yesterday I had been reflecting on becoming one again with the ocean of creation and as I was taking my consciousness walk just after sunset at the time when the sky still has a faint tinge of pink on the horizon from the setting sun and turns that electric blue with the new moon glowing brightly and Venus just as bright I couldn’t help but be in awe and wonder at the beauty and perfection of the creation.   The creation is perfect as it is. Every tree, every flower, every mountain. There is nothing to change or improve about it…..yes, we would prefer if we live in a rainy climate that it was always sunny and warm but we know that rain is necessary and has its own beauty and makes the countryside incredibly green and lush so we really wouldn’t want to change it.  And then the knowledge came to me that I, too, am this creation….I, too, am from the same Source and, therefore, am also perfect.  When I speak of being perfect I am not referring to my ego/personality.  That ego/personality that grew in relation with the collective consciousness is and never was…real.  It was utterly false being a set of conditioned habit patterns and tendencies that came into being completely separated from its Source.  What I am referring to is our true nature.  That is the one that is perfect and that is the one that I am discovering within.  That one is divine…the same way that the photo of the above sunset is simply divine.  My true nature and that sunset are no different…..they are both simply divine.  But you cannot be both…the ego/personality and your true nature.  You have to choose.  You have to realize what is real and what is false. This is the path of the seeker of truth.

With loving awareness,


The Alchemy of Transformation

mejor clima 004.

“Freedom from suffering is the state of spiritual sanity which is based on embodying our true self …. the Light of I Am.  The beginning of the path is remembrance of the essence of our true identity.  It is the beginning of the unfoldment of our true self.  Since this radical insight into who we really are is like waking up…that is why it is called Awakening.  Awakening is a shift…a movement to a higher reality.  Consciousness is not just a state ….it is a journey.  Meditation is the process of illuminating the consciousness of oneself…the Light of I Am.

Awakening and surrender are the two ingredients of the alchemy of transformation….letting go….dropping….opening….all those knots with which we hold on to our separate self and simultaneously becoming that very one who can taste the bliss of oneness with the Source of creation.  Being with that consciousness that recognizes itself moment by moment.  As that consciousness is constantly aware of itself there is no space to forget oneself….to get lost in the mind.  That consciousness is much more powerful than the mind …… and the mind becomes silent.”

The above two paragraphs are the words of my Teacher, my Guide, my Master who is guiding me in the awakening process.  He is teaching me how to live…how to behave… understand… in that inner space of existence that is so radically different than anything I have ever known.   This is a totally new world…there is nothing to see there…nothing to grasp through senses or through mind…so the mind that has been trained through eons to live through objects at first feels entirely confused…at times panicky …it is scared of losing control.  What he is teaching me is that the inner state cannot be objectified it has to be embodied.  With his help guiding me through this intricate and subtle dimension I am slowly finding a new way of existing….navigating the path of  evolution….experiencing the alchemy of transformation more and more as I learn to embody the inner states. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the incredible value of his amazing depth of knowledge and insight of the path out of pain and suffering….the path of awakening to the truth of who we really are….an expression of the Creator….the Light of I Am.  It is by Grace that I have found him.  His name is Anadi.  With awe and wonder, I thank you, Anadi.

With Loving Awareness,


On The Path

meditation acebuchal 009

Have you entered the spiritual path as yet?   If you cannot recognize suffering as a blessing then you have not really entered the spiritual path as yet because suffering is one of the fundamental tools that existence uses to communicate that this is not the place to stay……this is not the place to be,,,that you must go beyond to a place that is deeper……where no one and nothing can hurt you or touch you…and that is called the reality.  When you learn to use all your difficulties for your internal transformation and deeper awakening  is when you begin to realize suffering as the blessing that it is because it is bringing you into more and more consciousness until you reach the point where you are grateful for all your life, for your entire existence including all the pain.  It is the worst suffering that you experience in your life that is your highest blessing.

The truth is suffering is hardly understood….everyone denies it or fights against it.  It is really hard to admit that one is suffering.  We are so conditioned to thinking that something is wrong with us if we are not happy but it is an essential part of human existence.  Suffering deepens you, breaks down your resistance, breaks down the false, makes you real, opens your heart to yourself and others.  So use suffering…befriend suffering so that it can deepen the relationship with yourself.

Dealing with your suffering with self-inquiry as I wrote in my post yesterday titled ‘Who Is Suffering?’ I have found to be an invaluable tool.  Just sit with it…… and breathe and relax ….breathe and relax….deeper and deeper and let go and you will see your suffering comes from being unconscious….in the state of forgetfulness that we are in…..we have forgotten who we truly are which is an expression of the Creator and suddenly you are with your infinite goodness and from here you can deal with the suffering in gratitude as you become more and more alive to yourself.

With loving awareness,



Who Is Suffering?





On The Path

Last night while on my evening consciousness walk which happened to be in the company of my suffering self, I started asking myself the question “Who is suffering?” and I instantly experienced a shift of perception which brought the realization that the one that is suffering is the unconscious me who in that unconscious state believes that she needs something or someone else outside of hersef that will make her feel whole and complete and how completely false that thinking is.  It is by grace that I have been able to connect to a state of being which comes from the understanding that who I am is an expression of the Creator ..the Divine Force… the Light of Consciousness but the rest is up to me.  Now it is I who is responsible for staying connected and remaining in that state and to understand what it means being conscious of consciousness and to embody this state of being which brings such peace and bliss….this is the Path….the Path of Awakening. 

It is so clear that anything that is not this state of bliss is suffering in one way or another.  In this state of being connected to the universal instead of the personal there is nothing to do…nothing to be…nowhere to go…..I am in a state of unity with the creation which is whole and complete.

Can you see why I love Awareness and why I want to share this love?


‘Me’ falling in love with ‘I am’.


penoncillo sunset 004

Mediterranean Sunset



The other day it happened again. Sitting quietly…focusing crystal clarity and the quality of gentleness…..getting in touch with the being that existed before she was given a name, before she knew she had a mother and a father, was a boy or girl, black or white, before she knew she was even a human …before she even knew what is to be alive or what it is to be dead, before she knew there was a ‘me’ or a ‘you’ in other words before she knew she was separate….she was just being…in that space I felt whole and complete …and then it happened … the shift into the state of bliss appeared but this time instead of just feeling this state I stayed consciously inquiring curious to understand. This is the place where we all begin…we all come from the same place….a womb….the womb of existence and in that place the ‘me’ is absent and there is just existence. Being one with existence needing nothing. Isn’t life a complete mystery? One day I arrived here in a body. Isn’t that a complete miracle? And I only experience true bliss when I become conscious of just being..being just this ‘I’ and I can say “I am”..because I am absent to who I think I am…because I have always identified myself with being ‘me’ …this ‘me’ ego/personality with all these thoughts, emotions, needs and desires when really I have forgotten that who I am is existence and a complete and utter miracle. Now I am aware that there is this ‘me’ with all her desires and fears and who suffers and then there is this other state of being that is just pure bliss…where there is no suffering. This is the state of ‘I Am’….the state of needing nothing outside to complete me…..the state of love and to reach this state I have to be constantly surrendering ‘me’ into ‘I Am’.

With loving Awareness,